The After-school Active Play Club provides a unique opportunity for elementary and middle school children to engage in unstructured play on their school grounds after the school day ends. Under the light supervision of an adult, children are free to explore, create, and interact, fostering their physical, social, and emotional development. 
We are trialing an early version of this program across schools in B.C., and includes an Active Play Grant to get you started!   
We encourage teachers, parents, and school PAC members to lead the After-school Active Play Club. Your involvement and knowledge of your community is crucial in organizing and maintaining the club, ensuring that it is community-driven and meets the needs of the children at your school. 
To manage Club sessions, we recommend using organizational apps like TeamSnap. These tools help with scheduling, registration handling, and communication with parents. And don't worry, BC Alliance for Healthy Living (BCAHL) is here to assist you in setting this up.  
The role of the supervisor will be to play a supportive role, much like a lifeguard – facilitating, watching, and providing help if needed. This approach ensures that adults are in place to address any real emergencies, while allowing children the freedom to lead their own play. 
Financial Support: 
BCAHL is offering Active Play Grants to help in the running of your After-school Active Play Club. These grants are intended to assist with the initial setup and ongoing operations of the club for the pilot period. 
How to Apply for an After-school Active Play Grant: 
Schools, School Boards, District Parent Advisory Councils (PACs), School PACs, Parents/guardians (with evidence of support from the school district/PAC, or equivalent) are invited to contact us. 
We are particularly interested in partnering with equity-deserving communities to establish After-school Active Play Clubs 
For more information on how to start an After-school Active Play Club at your school or to apply for an Active Play Grant, please contact the Alliance. We are here to support you and look forward to welcoming your school to our growing community of active play. 
Join the Initiative: 
We are currently in the testing phase and are actively seeking schools across British Columbia to participate in this initiative. If you are interested in bringing the After-school Active Play Club to your school and fostering an environment where children can play, learn, and grow, please reach out to us
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