Active Play Clubs provide spaces for children to play outdoors after the school day in an unstructured way, so they can play the way they want. By participating in an Active Play Club, children can explore, imagine, and interact with each other, giving them an opportunity to gain valuable life skills, as well as have a lot of fun!
The goal is to let kids be kids: run around, play, learn about themselves, their friends, and the world around them. Even if it's just for an hour, After-school Active Play Clubs will help children move more, socialize and lessen their screen time.
Supervisors play a supportive role, much like a lifeguard - someone who watches from a distance. The key is to oversee without interfering (which might be tough to resist at times). A supervisor should be there to handle real emergencies and to stay mostly in the background, letting children lead their own play. This approach allows children to develop independent thinking, social skills, and problem-solving abilities.
Why unstructured play is great for children: 
- Fosters creativity: Children can make up their own fun games 
- They make friends: Children learn to play and talk with other children 
- Builds social skills: Children learn to negotiate, cooperate, and resolve their own problems 
- Enhances resilience and mental well-being: Children learn to deal with challenges and setbacks, boosting their confidence and ability to handle stress, emotions, and understand the importance of social connections 
- Promotes physical activity: Playing encourages children to move around and be active 
- Reduced screentime: Children may spend less time on their electronic devices, and watching TV 
The After-school Active Play Club program partners with school districts and PACs across British Columbia to establish and supervise the Clubs. After all, school playgrounds are the ideal space for children to play. To find out more about joining our pilot program check the Join the After-school Active Play Club and the Contact Us pages. 

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